10 Must-try Cuisines that will Make you Want to Travel Around the World

Love for food is something that is considered the most genuine one. But do you know which one is the best or tastier and which place serves them?

Many people love travelling just to taste different food coming from diverse cultures. 

Food is an integral part of tourism. People eagerly look to taste unique cuisine and exclusive drinks to make their travel a memorable experience. 

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Whenever you plan your vacation, food and accommodation are two things that hit your brain first. 

The way you research for the finest hotels to stay in, you should also explore for the best foods wherever you plan your next trip.

We have thoroughly searched the planet to pull out the most delicious and must-try cuisine and the destination that caters to it. 

Keep reading to learn about unique servings around the globe that will persuade you to plan a trip at the earliest. CAUTION: Control your drool while you move further.

Must-try cuisines around the world that will force you to plan a trip ASAP

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If you are constructing travel schedules, make sure that you try these flavours where they are born. Here they are:

Bun Cha and Bánh Xèo: Vietnam

Whenever people plan for a Vietnam trip, they only assume that staple pho and banh mi is only worth trying. Of course, you should have a taste of it, but don’t forget to try bun cha. 

It is a rice pancake stuffed with caramelized pork, onion, prawns, and sprouts. It is served with fresh herbs and lettuce, which enhances its flavour.

Zapiekanka: Poland

Zapiekanka is the most popular food in Poland, and it is a street food that is toasted and made on baguette bread. Mushrooms, ketchup, cheese, and green onions are topped in this open sandwich and are made in different methods the way you want it.

Okonomiyaki and Ramen: Japan

You will find several amazing foods to taste in Japan. But okonomiyaki and ramen are the best of all, and it is also popularly known as Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki.

It is a thin pancake wherein cabbage, noodles, bean sprouts, and egg is used as toppings. Mayonnaise and a special Japanese sauce are sprinkled on it, making this food die for.

Rendang: Indonesia

Rendang is often known as the most scrumptious dish in the country. It is a smouldered beef that is prepared with coconut milk and the best spices.

Turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, chillies, ginger, and galangal are the spices added to its preparation. 

Once prepared, it is stewed for a couple of hours to add an exotic taste and texture. This dish is loved for many reasons globally.

Kebab: Turkey

Kebabs are served and popular in various countries, but they originated in Turkey only. This dish comprises seafood or ground meat along with vegetables and fruits. They are sometimes prepared with a big open fire to add a grill taste to them.

It is cooked with garlic, vegetable oil, and black pepper. Mutton and lamb are used to prepare the kebab as these are traditional meat of the country. These turkey kebabs give a perfect blend of flavours. It is up to you whether you desire spicy or tangy.

Paella: Spain

Paella is an ancient dish from Valencia, Spain. This primaeval dish is recreated with a contemporary touch nowadays. There are various methods to eat this dish.

It was initially prepared with the meat of rabbit, chicken, or duck. It contains white rice, snails, butterbeans, and green beans and is tossed with rosemary seasoning. 

Apfelstrudel: Austria

Apfelstrudel is popularly known as apple strudel in Austria, and it is the most famous pastry in the country and a few parts of Europe. The dish is an oval stewed pastry cover that is filled with apples.

The filling is prepared with cinnamon, breadcrumbs, sugar, grated apple, and raisins. It is generally served with vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, and you can opt for custard and vanilla sauce instead of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. 

Pad Thai: Thailand

Pad Thai is famous street food in Thailand, and it is stir-fried rice that is served with noodles. This is also a healthy dish in which tofu and egg are also added.

A unique blend brings out the best flavour in the dish. It includes tamarind, fish sauce, shrimp, and red chilli and is garnished with garlic. Peanuts and lime are also added to this dish. 

It also comes in the vegetarian form, where fish sauce is replaced with soy sauce, excluding any meat.

Dosa: India

India offers a wide variety of cuisine, and dosa is one of the best. Dosa is made from fermented rice, which looks like a pancake, and the main ingredients are rice and black gram.

Earlier it was only famous in Sri Lanka and South India. It is one of the well-known dishes in India. It is stuffed with potato filling and served with sambhar and coconut chutney.

Parting thoughts

Food provides more than nutrition. Every cuisine tells a distinctive story about its ethos and history. Nothing is more exciting than trying new savours coming from diverse cultures. 

People love eating, and it is one of the key reasons they plan for a vacation. They don’t even hesitate to take short-term loans in Ireland to finance their trip, as travelling is essential for their mental well-being. 

If you are dynamic about food and your travel story revolves around trying different cuisines, you should try one of the above cuisines to ascend your list.

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