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Understanding how to organize your money is extremely important in life. However, by grasping the basics, you can design a working budget, dodge credit card debt, grip a better hold on your loans or even garner wealth for the future.

Nobody will be more concerned about your finances than you, so undertake the initiative to turn more knowledgeable about financial matters so you can make smart & educated financial decisions.

Thankfully, there are free personal finance courses accessible online to make it easier than ever to educate & polish the basics of your Finances. Not only are these courses free, but some only demand a few hours of your precious time & you can fetch them from the comfort of your computer.

Globally, 67.0% of adults lack basic knowledge of personal finance. Fortunately, you can now become financially literate & acquire the skills and confidence to make informed financial decisions.

There are various free personal finance courses available online right now to equip you with the knowledge of how money functions.

5 Best Free Online Personal Finance Courses:

edX: Smart Tools for Decision Making

It’s extensive, piled with learning tools & resources, self-paced, university-developed & educated, and it’s free. That’s why edX’s Finances for everyone is the finest overall personal finance course.

What turns the course stand apart is its college course modules, which keep students moving forward with quality guidance & resources while rendering them a unique learning experience.

EdX’s course is the modeling of the “University of Michigan”. It’s a 6-week course (about 5 to 6 hours every week) comprising weekly learning sequences including short videos embedded with interactive learning lessons, enabling students to practice what they comprehend. There are online discussion forums for candidates to post & review questions and share their submissions with teaching assistants and other participants.

It begins with an in-depth study of the time value of money as the fundamentals for absorbing & appreciating various applications of finance to contemplate the personal decisions we make. The course offers a configuration to assist guide decisions in all elements of money management.

Khan Academy:

There are diverse free personal finance courses available, but the Khan Academy has an exceptional reputation for offering quality online education services which is the reason it’s a fine free personal finance course.

When it’s to any educational course, free is not free if you are devoting your valuable time. With Khan Academy’s fifteen years of expertise in designing top-quality courses, you can rest assured it will be worth your time.

The personal finance course structure was designed and taught mostly by Sal Kahn (founder of Khan Academy), who has a firm background in finance.

The course is created around video lectures, short readings, participatory quizzes & comment threads. There is a total of 9 courses embracing the fundamentals. A conventional course is split into units containing lessons comprising all the tools and resources you’ll require.

The courses are outstanding as they use a virtual blackboard upon instructor writes out his notes while he explains the concepts, just like in a “Real Classroom”. The site trails your progress as you complete your way through the course, recording time spent watching videos, and reading, as well as your questionnaire results.

Coursera: By Duke University

To expertise in your finances, you are required to comprehend how your behavior impacts financial conclusions.

Your behavior, embracing your prejudices & perspective about money, greatly impacts your financial decisions, which can have lifelong outcomes. Duke University offers a Behavioral Finance course that focuses squarely on how to control your biases to make better decisions.

Behavioral Personal Finance Course is very well acclaimed among its aspirants, but it is also accessible for free online at “”, a learning site that structures courses taught by university professors globally. The course is free, but you can pay a fee for a certificate for the course completion.

The general 5-hour course examines regular errors people commit in their financial decisions & how to dodge them. It supports you identify your own biases, eventually leading to poor decision-making. The course is taught with detailed guidance through a sequence of online videos. The course comprises additional readings and questionnaires at the end of each session.

Financial Literacy – By Alison

Alison’s online learning course offers students the to take personal enhancements & professional courses in a broad range of subjects. These personal Financial Literacy Courses will teach you how to organize, budget & save your money efficiently.

At first look the free finance online course may appear a bit too elementary, instead, it’s quite thorough, with 7 curriculums spanning everything you are required to understand about personal finance.

Each curriculum includes a questionnaire & covers all of the vital topics in detail. After completion, you can acquire a course assessment to turn eligible for a course completion certificate. You will be required to pay a fee of $20 for the certificate.

Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know- By Udemy

This course is structured for anyone seeking to obtain a sterling, practical learning of personal finance, comprising everything from taxes to credit cards. No prior personal finance knowledge is necessary & you will never require outside software/materials. This course is designed for anyone looking to grasp personal finance.

As for how this course is designed, it’s structured to elevate your enjoyment & involvement. It teaches you an entire personal finance module through a sequence of short, involving, animated videos. Each video educates you on everything you are required to know regarding a specific topic, e.g., investing, in a way that even a beginner can comprehend. And with 52+ videos in total and 3+ hours of content, you’ll grasp everything you are demanded to understand about personal finance.


Personal finance is of course “Personal”. Every individual has specific needs, learning styles & distinct things they want to fetch from a personal finance course. But at least, search for a course with an extensive offering that encompasses the key elements of personal finance in a user-friendly layout & taught by an expert. Enrolling in online finance courses, you will be well on your way to comprehending the fundamentals behind managing your money. Signing in for free online courses is a great approach to kick-start your money management methodology. Understanding how to budget, save & invest can be daunting initially. But once you soak in the habit of tactically mapping out your finances, it can also be encouraging. Online courses can gear you with the tools you require to pursue your financial education journey.

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