6 Top Smart Device for Better Business During COVID-19

In recent days, we know, due to COVID-19, gatherings are strictly restricted. And don’t forget that the coronavirus is still spreading quickly. Every day, millions of people have been affected by these deadly diseases. Business owners are also included in the last. 

Besides, due to coronavirus fever, most companies give work from home options to their employees. And fortunately, by utilizing smart devices, employees can quickly get in touch with each other. Like, via their latest computer or smartphone, they can attain the company’s video conference meeting and provide extra security to their business and others. Moreover, there are lots of smart devices that you can use for your business during this COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading this best business blog to understand them. 

Top Smart Devices to use During COVID-19 Pandemic

In this top business blog, we will focus on the smart devices you can use for video conferences, personal assistance, and security during this coronavirus effect. 

Smart Device and Technology for Video Conferences:

Following are the smart technology that you rely upon to attain your business meetings. 

Amazon Echo Show 8:

This is the newest Echo Show device from Amazon.  It’s a small smart device and can be easily fit into your bedroom.  Amazon Echo Show 8 comes with an 8-inch HD screen, including an Amazon Photo connection. Besides, with this device, you can quickly connect other advanced devices and monitor what’s happening around your house. 

Also, this comes with a smart camera and a microphone that will allow you to join business meetings and help you get in touch with your family members and friends. 

Amazon Echo Show 5:

This smart device comes with a 5.5-inch screen- however, Echo Show 5 provides many benefits in a tiny package. With Amazon Echo Show 5, you can perform lots of business activities. For instance, make a video call, control your other advanced devices, and provide your employees’ assistance when needed. 

Smart Devices for Personal Assistant:

Certain devices will increase your business performance. Like, remind you that you have to mail your employees.  Besides, utilizing these advanced gadgets means you need less labor to perform your business task. We hope you might know that many small companies suffer from losses due to the COVID-19 effects. And because of this, they can’t afford the labor expenses. In these circumstances, following smart devices can help companies a lot.  

Google Home Voice Controller:

This device allows entrepreneurs to perform many of their tasks remotely. With Google Home Voice Controller, you need the least labor. 

Features :

  • It helps entrepreneurs to perform essential business tasks automatically.
  • Allow you to control other business-related smart devices
  • Google Home Voice Controller helps business owners quickly interact with their employees to create their next business strategy. 

Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller:

Another famous IOT device that seems fruitful for your business-especially during the coronavirus pandemic. With Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller, you can make phone calls, set reminders, ask questions, manage your shopping lists, track your employee’s activities, and many others. 

Features :

  • Easily control other compatible devices, such as plugs, lights.
  • This advanced device comes with 6-7 microphones. Amazon Echo has the capacity to record your voice from any corner of the room.
  • Besides, you can perform multiple tasks together. For example, you are playing music as well as doing your business work. 

Smart Devices for Security:

 By utilizing gadgets like smart cameras, you can add an extra layer to your business security. 

 August Doorbell Cam:

This advanced electronics gadget is handy if you are planning to set up work from the home office. With August Doorbell Cam, you can control your place from anywhere across the globe. 

Feature :

  • Free 24 hour video recording
  • Easy setup process
  • August Doorbell Cam continuously monitors your door and notify you whenever any unknown person wants to enter your place. 

Kuri Mobile Robot:

This type of advanced gadget is specifically designed for entertainment purposes. However, you can also use it for business activities-especially in this coronavirus pandemic. 

Features :

  • Kuri Mobile Robot comes with a smooth charging pad and a good processor.
  • This advanced device has a heart light & speakers.
  • It’s compatible with microphones & gestural mechanisms. 


In today’s era, the Internet of Things (IOT) is a burning topic. We came to know about the IOT devices that you can use during the COVID-19 pandemic for better business in this best business blog. We also believe the time is not so far when every entrepreneur starts utilizing smart devices and technology. 

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