7 Surprising Smart Home Gadgets you haven't seen Before

Smart home technology is the tomorrow-and it’s almost here. In the early days, people used electronic devices in their houses. However, overtimes, electronic devices have become smaller and smarter, and people loved to use these smart devices. Brands such as Philips Hue, Google, and Amazon are famous for their smart home gadget innovation. However, thousands of smaller organizations are pushing boundaries.

Of course, we never expect big things to happen from small companies. But if you read the guide till the end, your concept will be changed. As here, we are about to discuss the top 7 interesting, smart home devices that you might ever hear of. So, let’s start.

1.  Eve Aqua:

If you are a garden lover and have a garden that needs water every day but to lack time you can’t give water every day. As an alternative option, you can buy the Eve Aqua Smart Sprinkle controller. With this smart device, you can monitor how much water your lawn or garden is consuming. Also, through an app, you can control the irrigation system. Eva Aqua is compatible with a multi-channel water distribution system, and it was developed in Germany.

2.  Ego Power Plus lawn mower:

Another useful home smart device that you can opt for. If you fully charged the battery, it can run for about 60 minutes -front wheels’ size near about 7 inches. Ego Power Plus lawn mower comes with Smart Cut Load Sensing Technology. The starting price of this amazing smart item is $500.

3.   Hubitat:

We include Hubitat in the 3rd position of our list. This smart home device is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Allow you to write your own drivers and applications. One of this smart home gadget’s unique features is that you can operate it without an internet connection.

4.  Bond:

If you have a remote-controlled ceiling fan and unfortunately, if you lost the remote control every time, then it’s time to buy this smart home gadget- Bond. This amazing device connects the ceiling fans with Alexa or Google Assistant. Once you have successfully connected the selling fans with any of these applications, there’s no need for a remote. And you can tell the voice assistant to turn on/ off the ceiling fan.

5.  Echo Flex:

This smart home device has an Alexa-powered speaker along with a USB port. With it, you can turn on/off lights, lock doors, adjust thermostat settings, and many other things. Echo Flex device is specifically designed to protect your privacy. Also, it comes with the microphone off buttons that disconnect the mics electronically.

6.  Wyze Sense:

In today’s world, you will easily avail of a smart camera at an affordable price. However, no company will offer more discounts than Wyze Sense. At $ 20, you will get a fantastic product at your fingertips. However, one of the drawbacks of this camera is that you must connect it to your phone application to use it first.

7.  Nanoleaf Remote:

This smart device has the ability to control any smart light bulb or any other home appliance. To set up this amazing tool, you just have to pair it with your smartphone. This remote can save up to 12 commands, and it has a long lifetime.


These are the best-recommended smart home gadgets that you can purchase and give yourself and your family a more comfortable and easy lifestyle.

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