8 Top Smart Home Automation Device in 2021

Utilizing smart devices is an excellent way to transform your traditional home into a smart home. Home automation not only makes your home advanced but also allows you to live a healthy life. Smart home devices are everywhere, from coffee machines to baby monitors to doorbells and security cameras. 

In this home automation blog, we have discussed some of the best smart gadgets to add to your house and increase your lifestyle. Most of these gadgets are connected via wi-fi. Also,  some devices are compatible with AI assistance, such as Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Smart Devices that will make your home Automated

Continue reading and grab all the home automation ideas and then transform your ordinary home into a smart home. 

1. Smart Doorbell:

Aims to Purchase :

  • 4:3 ration at 2k resolution
  • There’s no need for a monthly subscription
  • Battery operated option

The Eufy’s smart doorbell is probably the best wireless smart camera that might be currently available in the market. The layout of this video camera is fantastic and integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa. Now, will you buy it? If you want a smart device that doesn’t need maintenance cost, you can opt for Eufy’s smart doorbell. 

2. Amazon Echo Studio:

Aims to Buy :

  • It comes with new Alexa features
  • Gigantic, Dolby Atmos sound
  • Inexpensive compared to Google/Apple speakers

Echo studio is flexible and can use for different purposes. Do you want a 3D audio effect over your favorite song?  If yes,  purchase  Amazon Echo Studio, and connect it with other smart devices. So, if you wish to spend quality time with your loved ones, buy an Amazon Echo Studio.   

3. Google Nest Hub Max:

Intentions to Purchase :

  • Neat design
  • Amazing screen
  • Excellent, music-friendly speaker

The Google Nest Hub Max is the advanced version of Google Home Hub-comes with a screen and a smart speaker. 

Now, you might think about what makes it separate from Google Home Hub? Well, Nest Hub Max also comes with a front-facing camera. Besides, you can plug this electronic gadget into the Nest platform to use it as a smart camera. 

4. Philips Hue:

 Intentions to Purchase :

  • Easy setup process
  • Broadly supported
  • Amazing app

Most homeowners who want to use an automated home decide to turn on/off lights through their smartphones.  Do you belong to the same category? If yes, you can buy Philips Hue Bulbs. However, to operate it smoothly, you might also need to buy Philips Bridge

5. Nest Learning Thermostat:

Reasons to Purchase :

  • Save money
  • Simple design
  • Easy to operate

We hope you might know that a smart thermostat will allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely. When you think about smart device what’s the first term comes on your mind? If you are like others, then probably the answer will be Nest Learning Thermostat. 

Bear in mind; the Nest Learning Thermostat comes with all the necessary features that you might require while making a smart home. 

6. Arlo Pro 3 Smart Security Camera:

Aims to Purchase :

  • Lots of features
  • Stylish pattern
  • Easy installation

Though Arlo Pro 3 doesn’t have a 4k resolution; however it’s more impressive than 2k resolution. With Arlo Pro 3, you will receive a 160-degree field of view. Besides, this security camera comes with two-way audio and night vision. There are some other unique features as well. For instance, motion tracking and automatic zooming that ensure the security camera will capture the necessary images whenever required. 

7. August Smart Lock Pro:

Reasons to Purchase :

  • Automatic features
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Strong and fantastic

Home automation is getting smatter after every passing day, and people replace their old electronics gadgets and buy new ones. However, not every homeowner wants to replace their door lock. Some of them wish to modify their existing door locks. Are you one of those? Then August Smart Lock Pro will be the perfect solution for you. However, we must inform you, this type of door lock is expensive. Hence, first, check whether you can afford the price or not, and then decide. 

 8. Nest Smoke Detector:

Why Purchase?

  • Compatible with other Nest products
  • Stylish design
  • Easy setup

Not only Nest makes unique thermostats, but it also manufactures a great smoke detector that you can easily connect with other smart devices. The Nest Smoke Detector looks beautiful and provides robust connectivity via IFTTT and wi-fi. This smoke detector notifies you if there’s a fire, even you are not in your smart house. Isn’t it amazing?


Finally, if you thoroughly read out this home automation blog,  you will understand which smart devices are suitable for your smart home. Hence, add them, and take the full advantages of having a smart home

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