Common Home Automation Mistakes and How To Avoid Them?

Many questions might come to your mind if you decide to transform your ordinary home into a smart home. Is it possible? From where to begin? How to use smart techniques to make a smart home? And many others.

Many homeowners are new to the home automation field and don’t spend time considering common mistakes. Unfortunately, homeowners will not consider these mistakes until something happens wrong. 

Luckily, you read this Home Automation Blog, which means you are already a little forward compared to others. Bear in mind these common connected home mistakes to avoid problems yourself. 

7 Common Home Automation Mistakes

Following are the common mistakes that homeowners make while they start utilizing home automation ideas. Here, we also mentioned what to do to fix the problems. 

1. Use 5G Technology

Many smart devices still rely upon the 2.4GHz network to connect with the router. When homeowners update their network connectivity to 5GHz, these gadgets stop responding. 

To Correct the Mistake :

  • Before purchasing, research all smart products and ensure the products are compatible with your current network.
  • While setting up a new router, temporarily turn off the 5GHz channels. 
  • Always keep a backup of your gadget information. 

2. Purchasing Many Smart Devices at the same time

While decorating the new smart home, you might often think it will be a great idea to buy lights, track lighting, smart switches, and other electronic gadgets simultaneously. You are making mistakes. Many times, overexcited homeowners forget to consider whether they need all the products or some smart devices will waste money?

To Correct this Misconception :

  • Prepare a checklist for the smart home devices and stick with it.
  • Consider the effect of a device before you buy it. For instance, What issue will it solve? What benefits will it give you?

3. Haven’t Think about Budget

To buy some innovative products, you might have to spend hundreds of dollars. If you haven’t planned for your budget, you will find yourself spending more money than you imagined. Hence, it’s crucial to set up your budget before purchasing smart products for your automated home.

To overcome the Mistake :

  • Cross-check your budget and add products slowly.
  •  Don’t purchase electronics gadgets just to show your friends.

4.  Neglect the Security

According to a recent study., smart gadgets can open the door for hackers to get unauthorized access. Smart devices are connected to the internet, allowing hackers to see what happens inside your house. 

 Therefore, when it comes to the connected home, you must give special attention to network security. 

To improve this fault :

  • Always upgrade all software related to home automation.
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Use a lengthy & strong password.
  • But at first, immediately change the default password. 

5.  Not Check the Product Longevity

Often homeowners fail to understand the device’s longevity and bring a new device into their smart homes. 

To correct this Misconception:

  • Keep patient.  
  • If a problem arises, Instead of throwing your old products, try to replace them.
  • Before purchasing, always consult with professionals. 

6. Not Consider the Product Effect

If your family members constantly teach you about using a smart device, you might probably make a mistake. 

Many times without knowing the product’s effect, we purchase it, which is wrong. As a result, the homeowner will not even know what benefits the product will offer. 

To Fix this Mistake :

  • Compare the smart device that you decide to purchase with other gadgets.
  • Discuss the gadget’s effect with your friends and family members and only then install it.

7. Install Inconsistent Technology

Do you use lots of applications to control each device? Do you use multiple brand types of electronic gadgets in your house? Do you throw your devices as they don’t work correctly? If your answer is Yes, might make a big mistake. 

Remember that to make a smart home; all the smart devices need to work together. However, sometimes due to incompatibility, devices refuse to respond. hence, it’s crucial to check whether the smart gadgets will work together before bringing them into your house. 

To Correct this Problem :

  • Always purchase only from well-known manufacturers.
  • Use gadgets that are compatible with major devices—for instance, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home. 


Undoubtedly, home automation offers lots of benefits, including comfort, automatic control, and others. However, these are the top 7 mistakes that many homeowners make while transforming their regular home into a smart home. Hence, if you are a homeowner, be sure you keep yourself away from these mistakes. 

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