examination gloves

Exam Gloves are perfect for medical examinations and surgeries and are disposable usage. Many medical supply companies sell Examination Gloves in packets of more than 1000 for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments. A pair of exam gloves can make the patient’s safety more secure. 

Without using these gloves, there is a risk of contamination and infections. However, there are three exam hand gloves- latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves. These gloves are deliberate, making them easier to put on. In addition, many hospitals and clinics color code their gloves by size, making it easier to identify when you are quickly trying to put a pair on.

Three types of exam gloves are:

  1. Nitrile:

This material is becoming popular as it is suitable for patients allergic to latex, powered rubber proteins found in many gloves, etc. In addition, these medical grade examination gloves give you waterproof protection, thus creating fewer chances of infections. However, nitrile hand gloves are oil and grease resistant as well. Also, these gloves are more durable than the other two.

  1. Latex:

These types of exam gloves are known for their durability and flexibility. Moreover, these standard hand gloves are inexpensive and comfortable since they are very flexible. You can find both powdered as well as powder-free latex exam gloves. Always ensure you buy suitable fitting gloves because you can only work wearing those examination gloves without any restriction in finger movement.

  1. Vinyl:

These exam hand gloves are ready with Poly Vinyl Chloride. However, clinics and hospitals use vinyl gloves for patients allergic to latex. Also, this kind of glove is the most cost-effective type found and gives a very comfortable and soft feeling kind of fit. Although, you can use vinyl gloves for handling chemotherapy drugs or high-risk operations.

Important Information to Consider When Buying Medical Gloves

Latex gloves offer comfort and fit as they are very flexible. Nitrile medical grade examination gloves are the most expensive out of latex and vinyl gloves. They are most famous for most situations as they offer excellent barrier protection. Moreover, because of their significant thickness and durability, latex exam gloves are well-suited to many high-risk examinations. Vinyl hand gloves are the cheapest medical gloves as they are naturally soft but are loose.

Cost can play a role in deciding which protective hand gloves to buy. For example, latex and vinyl gloves are usually less costly than nitrile examination gloves. But nitrile gloves would wear probably be the best gloves for your choice. All in all, buying suitable medical gloves that fit your budget is best.

All exam gloves must undergo a series of standardized tests to see whether they are good quality. Moreover, they can provide barrier protection against infections and use within the hospital environment.

However, it should be well-known that they have yet to overtake latex gloves for some procedures as they cannot match gloves’ finer control and heightened sensitivity. Additionally, non-latex gloves cost 2-3 times the price of latex gloves which has stop nitrile and vinyl gloves from being use in medical centers that need to keep costs down.

A pair of exam gloves are perfect for performing all sorts of patient examinations and surgeries and handling bodily fluids or contaminants. Suppliers deliver heavy-duty gloves in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, etc., as they are perfect for analysis. You can choose the most durable option to ensure they will not get destroy by tiny pricks from sharp objects. 

Moreover, these exam gloves are waterproof to prevent any liquid contaminant from seeping into your gloves and contaminating your hands.

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