roof replacement

When old roofing fails, it creates an immediate and urgent need. However, investing in average cost of roof replacement in Texas pays off long after the immediate crisis is resolved. As a homeowner, you are concerned about the safety, durability, and long-term performance of your roofing. While re-roofing too soon may be risky, waiting too long puts your home and financial investment at risk.

On-time roof replacement Reduces roof repair needs and costs.

As stones age, the likelihood of roof leaks gradually increases. A roof replacement is less likely to leak – it’s as simple as that. At some point, the maintenance costs associated with frequent roof repairs start to add up, and it is no longer worth delaying a roof replacement. If you have to rep and air your roof two, three, or more times a year, you’ll be better off investing in a new roof in the long run. Better quality roofing materials will require less maintenance over the years. High-quality, oversized asphalt shingles (for example) are more expensive up front but last longer and have fewer repairs (on average) over their lifetime. But whatever material you choose, the new roof will require less maintenance than the old roof.

Roof replacement Prevent water damage to the interior of your home.

In addition to the damage to the roof and roofing itself and long-term maintenance costs, you also need to consider preventing water damage to the interior of your home. Interior water damage can mean damaged drywall ceilings and walls, ruined hardwood floors, ruined electronics, soaked carpets and couches, and more. Overall, you can easily spend hundreds to thousands of dollars repairing your home’s interior due to a leaking roof. Much better to minimize the risk of this brand-new by investing in a brand-new roof replacement.

You can improve your roof “Under the Shingles” through roof replacement.

Another benefit of roof replacement is opening the roof and seeing what’s underneath. This means that the twisted plywood pieces of the roof sheathing are exposed and replaced, a quality sub-base can be installed, and newer, better flashing, gutter edge, adhesive ice, and water protection can be laid. In addition, a secondary water barrier and roof sheathing in optimal condition will combine with your shingle layer to maximize the performance of your new roof for years to come!

Increased energy efficiency

New roofing tends to be more energy efficient than old roofing. Remember that most heat escapes from your home through the roof. And your roof is important, too, when it comes to insulating and ventilating the entire house below. Pair your new roof with better or more attic insulation, perhaps a radiant barrier under the roof, new roof vents and fans, or even solar panels on the roof – and you could be saving a lot of money month after month in the future!

Roof replacement offers Liability insurance and household insurance.

There are some long-term benefits to roof replacement that may not immediately occur to you. One is that a new roof is safer, less likely to cause an accident, and less likely to create a liability issue. However, homeowners’ insurance companies may also be unwilling to insure your roof after it’s over a certain age, exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty limit, or is simply in poor condition. Conversely, you may get better or cheaper coverage with a new roof, depending on your insurance company’s policies on these matters.

Get a Longer lifespan and less stress!

New roofing will last longer because it is new and maybe a higher quality material than what is currently on your roof. This means you just do not have to think about replacing the roof for a long time. And that means you won’t have the constant stress of worrying about whether your roof will withstand the next big Florida storm that rolls through.

The increased resale value of your home with roof replacement

Another long-term benefit of roof replacement is that it significantly increases the market value of your home. This makes selling your home faster and easier if you wish to list it and generally gets you a better selling price.

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