The craze to settle abroad has grown among students of this generation. Every year lakhs of students are migrating overseas. Canada is the first preference of students and some of them also choose to settle in Australia, New Zealand, US and UK. However, students of non-English speaking countries first have to clear the IELTS test to migrate to these countries. IELTS is a test that checks an individual’s ability to communicate and understand the English language so that they can survive in another country without having any trouble.  No doubt, for students with non-English backgrounds, all the modules might be quite difficult. Still, most of the aspirants find reading as a difficult section. Considering this, we have presented some golden tips to ace your reading section. 

IELTS reading is a quite lengthy section as it contains three long passages and aspirants have to solve 40 questions related to these paragraphs within a time bound of 60 minutes. Therefore, you cannot devote more than 1.5 minutes on each question. Most students fear to go beyond time, and most of them fear to enter into a trap. Are you preparing for IELTS exams and want to upgrade your English skills in order to hit the target scores? If so, you can approach the eminent english speaking course in jalandhar providing the outstanding coaching. However, here are some golden tips to score 9 in IELTS reading. Read all the steps attentively to ace this section. 

Golden tips to score 9 in IELTS reading section:

Make a habit of reading

To upgrade your reading skills rapidly, you first need to make a habit to read a variety of magazines, journals, novels, articles and newspapers. Make sure, you don’t have to read the whole text consciously. Instead, you just have to go with the flow of the text. It is advisable to read curiously just for fun and not to stress this enough. Reading all this stuff regularly will enhance your overall reading skills . Such as it will build your reading stamina, upgrade your vocabulary and increase the reading speed. However, are you preparing for IELTS exams and don’t have proper knowledge about the different modules and the exam format? If yes, then you can approach the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana well known for providing quality education

Read the questions first

The supreme methodology to finish the reading task quickly and more accurately is to read the questions first before digging into passages. The logic behind this is to complete the section within the time bound.  As you have to solve 40 questions linked to 3 passages in 60 minutes, therefore time management is necessary.  Because if you first read a passage and then move to the question, then it is obvious that you again have to read the passage to locate the information demanded  by a particular question. This process will take a lot of time and you will not be able to reach the third passage. On the other hand, when you read the questions first then you can solve them by reading the passage only once. 

Understand the question

It is essential to understand the question appropriately in order to understand what the question demands. Otherwise, you will end up giving the incorrect answer. Whenever you fail to  get the question, make sure to reread it for one or two times in order to grasp it properly. Additionally, for more information regarding the IELTS exams and for receiving the right guidance, you can connect with the marvelous english speaking course in jalandhar with professional trainers and high success rate.

Skim and scam

Scamming and skimming are the beneficial tools that can help in making your reading fast and accurate. To have a good command over these tools is crucial to solve your reading test with ease. For this, you first have to skim the passage in order to look for main ideas,  understand the layout of the text, highlight the keywords and try to get a sense of what the passage is all about. 

Remember the keywords

It is a good approach to remember the highlighted keywords because it can be troublesome to read the same word all and over again. However, if you make an effort to remember the keywords, it will be easy for you to locate the related information from the text and resemble it with each other. Therefore, make sure to highlight keywords like dates, numbers, topics and places. Are you planning to appear for the IELTS exam and aiming to crack the exam with flying colours? If so, you can amp up your preparation by investing your time in the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana

Widen your vocabulary range

Note that a wide range of vocabulary is essential to avoid any confusions and to understand the concepts efficiently. Therefore, you should learn new words on a daily basis or you can adopt a technique to learn some unique words. Anyhow while reading something, if you come across a new word, then don’t just skip the word. Instead try to know the meaning according to the sense of the sentence. However, if you are not able to get the meaning through a sentence, you can search it in a dictionary or internet as well. This will work far better than memorizing a variety of words at once. 

Final words:

Reading is not a strenuous task, just a little alteration in the way of learning is requisite to ace the section. Make sure to consider these golden tips while preparing for the IELTS reading section, for the sake of scoring 9 bands. 

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