Hostbillo Review: Do They Provide The Best Windows Shared Hosting?

When you search for a web hosting option on the internet you will find there are several hosting options available today compared to earlier days. And if you starting an online business for the first time Windows Shared Hosting can be the ideal option for website needs.

To host your website online you have to find a web hosting company that can give you the required tools and panels to manage your website. In my recommendation, you should try Hostbillo, one of the Cheap Windows shared Hosting and Domain name providers in the market.

If you want to opt for an affordable shared hosting plan with top-notch features then Hostbillo could be the best provider for you. By the end of this article, you will get an idea about how Hostbillo can be the best Web hosting provider for you to get a Shared hosting plan for your website.

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting, hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server. Each website that is hosted on one physical server shares the same server’s resources and features.

It is the web hosting company’s responsibility to manage and maintain the server since there are so many websites on it. This means website owners don’t have to do a lot of work on the server. 

Just like every other server, shared servers also require an operating system to run. And when the shared server runs on windows os it is called Windows shared hosting servers.

What is the Price Range of Hostbillo’s Windows Shared Hosting?

The cheapest Web hosting service is Windows Shared Hosting and Hostbillo offers one of the most affordable and budget-friendly hosting plans and packages.

The starting windows shared hosting Servers of Hostbillo costs 0.9$ which goes up to 3.84$ per month. And if you buy an Annually or Triennial plan then you will get an additional discount of up to 45% on all plans and packages of winoes shared hosting. 0veral, you can say that Hostbillo is the cheapest web hosting provider in the current market.

What will You Get From Hostbillo’s Windows Shared Web Hosting?

SSL Security Certificate

Security is enhanced by SSL certificates. By Creating a socket layer between visitors and your website, it prevents hackers from stealing your visitors’ information. It creates a small padlock icon before your website’s URL that tells users that your website is safe to browse. Hostbillo provides a free SSL certificate along with their cheap Windows Shared hosting plans.

SSD storage

With SSD Shared hosting Service, Hostbillo completes all the requirements of your website. Your website can perform by 200% more with the help of SSD storage. With the all plans of Hostbillo’s Windows hosting users will get SSD Storage.

Datacenter choice

Milesweb provides Windows Shared hosting plans and packages in more than seven locations. Also, Hostbillo has data centers located in many countries, you can select your preferred location for your Shared hosting plan. That will help you to get more visitors to your target locations.

Control Panel

Hostbillo provides a cPanel along with their Windows Shared hosting plans and packages. So their customers don’t have to do much hassle in controlling the server. Also, a control panel helps to create an email id, and add domains to your server.

Domain ADD Ons

Hostbillo Gives you the option to Host unlimited Domains on the same server with their Best Windows Shared Hosting plans and packages. So if you have more than one website of your business then you don’t have to buy different web hosting plans for your website you can just host all these domains on your current shared server.

Professional Email

If you use a Professional email account for your business then a regular free email can put more impact on your audience. Because users trust more on those websites which have professionalism. 


Our review Highlighted the Windows Shared hosting plans and features of Hostbillo. I hope this article helps you to understand Hostbillo’s Web hosting service better. So it is now up to you to decide whether Hostbillo is the right web host for you or not. Hostbillo offers excellent Features with their Windows Hosting plans. Over than that they provide 24/7 customer support and a 99.90% server uptime guarantee. Also, you will get a 7 days credit back guarantee from Hostbillo as well.

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