How Can Technology Improve Your Health?

From discovering X-ray machines to surgical systems improvements, technology has made us healthful and added years to our lifecycle. As long as we move further into the 21st century, we proceed to develop technology that cures sickness as well as increases our life quality. Health informatics is massively blended with technology, and if a student completes his/ her Master of Science in Health Informatics, he/she can support potential healthcare barriers throughout their occupations.

Due to huge work pressure, eating lots of sweets, and other things, your physical condition might have taken a back seat. However, this is the right time to bring back your physical condition on the health road. Hence,  you should check how advanced technology can improve your physical condition.

1.  Electronic Health Records:

If you are a health informatics student, you might know that Electronic Health Records made a huge revolution in the medical field. And it offers numerous benefits in medical diagnostics as well as treatment.

In the old days, hospitals had diverse information policies that questioned their ability to transfer and share patient records. However, with the development of the ESRs, hospitals can simultaneously connect multiple devices and quickly share and transfer patient records.

2.  Telemedicine:

This advanced health technology is based on telecommunications technologies, and it refers to upgrading methods of healthcare. Lots of reasons will make you understand why Telemedicine is so popular. Firstly, there is a lack of hospitals in rural areas. In these areas, patients can virtually meet their doctor. Secondly, it offers an affordable cost so that anybody can easily take advantage of its services. As per the Alliance Connected Care survey, you can save up to $ 100 doctor visits if you use the Telemedicine service.

3.  Remote Monitoring:

Undoubtedly, if you can monitor your health, you will save thousands of dollars and avoid unnecessary trouble to visit the doctor’s chamber.  In that survey, Alliance Connected Care clearly mentioned that more than 3 million patients across the globe were using remote monitoring tools. This system is beneficial for patients with chronic illnesses as remote monitoring tools can always monitor your health from afar.

4.  Wearable Technology:

This technology is also improved quite rapidly. Wearable devices gather data that help the patients and doctors understand the patient’s current physical condition. Besides, some popular Wearable devices such as watches and wristbands allow patients to take care of their health. In a recent post, the Huffington newspaper says that patients have used more than 130 million devices at the end of 2018.

5.  Genome Sequencing:

As per the experts, Genomics will be the future of healthcare. This advanced technology analyzes one patient’s genome and gives him/ her Genomic information after that. 

According to Dr. Francis Collins ( Director of the National Institutes of Health), sequencing the human genome was known as one of the most significant medical technologies for the last 50 years.  Genome technology allows patients to meet the doctor sitting thousands of miles away virtually. Patients can explain their illness to the doctor and follow their advice.

 Let’s start it with you…

From sequencing genomes to remote monitoring tools to wearable medical tools, technology continuously improves your health quality. Besides, it also saves your valuable time and huge doctor’s fees. Hence, consult with an expert and then try to implement these health techniques.

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