Cartoon Scientist Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Scientist. Science is essential as all medical and technological advances are made possible through scientific study.

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These advances would be impossible without intelligent scientists, and we are going to learn how to draw one of these brilliant people how to draw comic book scientists in this guide!

This guide will show you how easy it can be to recreate the design we have prepared for you and how easy it can be once you know what to do!

How to Draw A Cartoon Scientist

Step 1

This drawing starts with the top of the scientist’s head and face. Let’s first draw two rounded square shapes for her glasses.

Next, add a small black circle, each with a white dot, for her eyes behind the glasses.

Next, we draw his nose under the glasses, which can be marked with slightly rounded lines.

He has a severe expression on his face, and we can start with that by adding thick, arched eyebrows over his glasses.

Finally, draw the top of his head with a curved line and add some tufts of hair above his ears.

Step 2

We will finalize the face design in this second phase of our guide on drawing a cartoon scientist.

First, start by adding a thick mustache under the nose. We’re also going to add some curved creases coming out of his nostrils.

You can add rounded lines for his cheekbones and give him the right ear. Finally, complete this step by drawing the jawline and adding the hand under the face.

That’s all for this step, and we can move on to the next steps!

Step 3

In this third part of your comic science drawing, you’ll add the beginning of his arms and chest.

First, we’ll use rounded lines for his right shoulder, which will turn into his curved arm, connected to his hand that you drew in the previous step.

Then you can start drawing his left arm using some more curved lines. They’ll be brief for now, as we’ll finish this arm later.

Finally, use some straighter lines to outline the chest of his coat.

Step 4

The scientist we’re working on stares intently at a beaker filled with some chemicals. We will draw on these aspects in this step.

First, extend the left arm you started with in the previous step and close the sleeve.

His wrist will come out of this sleeve, and his rounded fingers will hold the long part of the glass.

Draw a round shape at the bottom of the jar and then add some curved lines for the chemicals inside.

Step 5

In this step of our guide on drawing a cartoon scientist, we will finish drawing his lab coat.

Continue extending the straight lines over the first half of his coat, and you’ll see that they end in sharp points. It also has rounded square pockets on the sides of the skin.

Finally, for this step, use a curved line for the bottom of the shirt and then add the center parting along with two stitches for the buttons.

Step 6

Your cartoon science drawing is coming together now! In the next few steps, we’ll go into the final details, and in this step, we’ll draw his pants.

These are drawn with slightly curved lines that also have some line detail near the ends of the pants.

Once his pants are drawn, you’re ready for the final details in the next step!

Step 7

In this step, we will finish the drawing of your cartoon scientist before coloring him in the last step.

Draw A Cartoon Scientist

The final touch is to draw her shoes, rounded at the top with flat soles underneath.

Once her shoes are drawn, you can even add some extra details! Will you design a background showing some of his scientific equipment? What ideas come to mind?

Step 8

For the final step of this how to draw a cartoon scientist guide, we’re going to finish it with some color.

Cartoon Scientist Drawing

We’ve shown you our interpretation of the colors in our example images, and you may want to choose similar ones if you like this approach.

Yes, you like science; art is all about experiments! This means you can play with fun colors and artistic devices to get the colors you want for this image.

Your Cartoon Scientist Drawing is Finished!

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