How to draw a Nurse

How to draw a nurse. Going to the hospital is rarely a particularly fun experience and a visit that many people dread. A hospital with good nurses can help make the experience even better! These talented men and women work tirelessly to help keep hospitals running, and we’ll feature one of them in this guide on drawing a nurse. The steps in this guide are here to show you how fun and easy it can be to draw a cute and funny nurse drawing.

So let’s show how much we appreciate nurses by starting this step-by-step direction on drawing a nurse caricature in just 8 easy steps! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, fish drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings easy.

Drawing a Nurse

Step 1:

In the introduction to this guide on drawing a nurse, we have a cute nurse portrait to draw, and you’ll see it as we draw! We’ll keep things simple as we draw the beginning of his ceremonial uniform. The style we’re looking for in this guide has a big head and a small body, so it’s worth keeping that in mind while we work on it.

The sleeves will be quite small, and the bottom of your dress will curve outward. We’ll also leave a gap at the neckline and on the left side of her dress, but we’ll fill it in soon!

Step 2:

There were two blanks left from the previous step, but we’ll fill them in now! For the bottom part of her face, we’ll use a curved line with some blank space for the top half. Next, we will extend a fairly short, lean arm from the left sleeve that will bend to your hip. That’s all there is to this stage, and then we can carry on!

Step 3:

The nurse we’re drawing has a pretty big hairstyle, and we’ll start drawing her in this third step. The contours of the hairstyle will be drawn by curved lines surrounding the head and extending inwards. Next, we will add texture to the hair by adding lots of curved line detail in the outlines. Be sure to leave another space on his head, as we’ll add a hat soon!

Step 4:

Nurses have much to keep track of, so you’ll usually see them with reliable clipboards! We will provide this nanny with her clipboard in the following action. Let’s first add his hat, for which we have left a special place. The hat is a curved structure that has a round top area. It will nicely fill the space left in your head, and we can draw the clipboard. It has a curved rectangular shape and will sit on your right arm.

Step 5:

For this step of our guide on drawing a nurse, we will add some facial features to her! We will use oval shapes with curved lines at their bases for her eyes. The details of her inner eye will be drawn as circles with dots inside, and we will also draw some small curved eyelashes coming out of the eyes. Finally, the final details to add will be eyebrows over her eyes and simple curved lines for her smiling nose and mouth.

Step 6:

This nurse drawing already looks great! However, it needs some legs before adding some finishing touches, so let’s add them now! His legs will be drawn to the scale of his body so that they are relatively short and slender.

Then you can add shoes to the ends of his legs. The one on the left will point left, while the other will face straight ahead. Once these legs are drawn, we can add some final details in the next step!

Step 7:

How to draw a Nurse

You’re ready to add some final touches at this stage! So we can finish it off with a few colors. First, we’ll draw a cross on his hat as the first of these details. Next, draw buttons on his uniform and add small, skinny rectangular pockets. Once those last little details are there, you can also draw some additional details! For an idea, you could draw him a fun hospital-themed background. What further details and locations can you feel of?

Step 8:

How to draw a Nurse

For the last step of the guide, we will finish by adding color to your creation. We’ve kept the colors a little muted in our sample image, as nurses don’t normally dress in bright, flashy colors. The cross on his hat

Create Your Nurse Drawing Unique

Have fun while we prescribe additional tips for your nurse sketch! This drawing of a nurse is armed with a clipboard, but there are many other tools nurses use. You can add a few to this image to make it more ready! Some examples might include a syringe or perhaps a stethoscope. They are smaller, but you can also have them with a wheelchair or a stretcher. It is just a small selection of the tools a nurse might use, but you can probably think of many more she could pose with! Nannies are there to help physicians heal people, so counting a doctor in this idea would be a fun pattern to create it more thematic. 

This doctor could be drawn in style similar to the nurse’s to fit them. Or you can add a doctor and a second nurse to create a full medical team! Who would you base these characters on if you were to add a few more to the picture? Once your medical team is assembled, you can add patients to your nurse drawing. Again, you probably want to portray them as this nurse. It would be great to show the positive side of medical care so that patients are happy with their recovery! Having happy patients with the medical team would end this scene in style.

Finally, you can finish your nurse sketch with a background. The obvious choice for this setting would be a hospital environment, but you would have plenty of options even then. It could be in the lobby of a hospital or one of the patient rooms. If you’ve been to a real hospital recently, you can use this to help you draw. Otherwise, looking for pictures of real hospitals would be very helpful when drawing. What other places could you use as a background to complete this artwork?

Your nurse drawing is complete!

This drawing you got at the end of this guide on drawing a nurse is truly a drawing to be proud of! We hope drawing this nurse’s design was easy and fun because you followed the helpful steps we presented. If you enjoyed this drawing challenge, there are plenty more to check out on our website! Be certain to study them out for better creative right times.

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