Do you really think that the entire IELTS writing task is the most daunting among all? Right! There is no denying the fact that the IELTS essay basically seems quite intimidating to most of the test takers. In this, you really have to describe the given topic in at least 250 words. Your essay should basically present a precise idea related to the given topic. If you have lost the whole gist of the topic then it might become the reason for your lack of scores.  Your essay should be written in such a way that it does not have any type of grammar issue, vocabulary issue and error in sentence formation. Vocab is the only section that can easily help you leave a never-ending impression on the mind of the examiner. 

We all know that vocabulary plays a very vital role in the formation of a quality essay. If you are not backed up with the right vocab then it can become the prime reason behind your lack of scores in the IELTS exam. We would like to inform you that it basically contributes around 25% of your total IELTS essay. If you really desire to fetch an accurate score then this blog can work wonders for your case.

You really need to be well versed with a wide range of vocabulary. Why is vocabulary so important in the coming IELTS essay? If you really require more information about this concept. Then consider reading this blog in the right manner. We all know that essays are basically stories. We all know that your essay basically tells an examiner about what viewpoint you hold. If you think you require guidance from a reliable source then link up with the best spoken English classes in Jalandhar.

If you really desire to optimise your IELTS essay then consider using the right vocabulary for your case. However, before we basically plunge into the adequate amount of vocabulary. Moreover, you really need to analyse the essay question in a constructive manner. 

How to analyse the essay question?  

The student will get the chance to answer a wide ra nge of IELTS questions. There are some questions that basically require you to basically write a descriptive essay. However, in the other section, you just have to come up with the right opinion. Few topics related to the essay part basically demands you to prepare yourself to analyse the IELTS question in a constructive manner.

After analysing you have to reach a conclusion that can help you frame the entire essay without any hassle. From business, tourism, fashion, communication, technology, dishes, food, art, government to family, you will surely get a wide range of topics. If you require true help regarding this topic then consider connecting with the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

Currently, You have to write on these topics to score acute types of masks in the IELTS section. You have to keep in mind that your entire vocabulary used in the topic should be in the full match to the topic. You can’t use anything that is not fitting in their particular type of essay. We have compiled up a list of a few types of different types of vocab sections that can be used by you as per the requirement of the topic. 

Vocabulary used for the descriptive essay

We would like to inform you that descriptive vocabulary basically means to explain one’s thoughts in a more accurate and clear cut way. In this section, you are not using any type of fictional words. You are just moving in the right direction so that you don’t have to struggle in the coming time. A possible example for this type of section is that you are describing the person’s look and character in a constructive manner.

“ Sonia is very calm and composed. Moreover, she is very polite towards others. She holds a very terrible sense of humour and has experience in telling funny stories.” In the abovementioned sentence, the words such as calm, composed, polite and funny are a few words that basically describe the personality of the person. So you really have to keep in mind that this type of vocabulary can surely help you move in the right way. If you aim to clear the spoken English exam. Then consider linking up with the best spoken English classes in Jalandhar. 

Usage of the reported vocabulary 

There is most of the time that the student basically writes the essay on the basis of the secondary and the third party source. It is highly imperative to showcase to the examiner that you have taken the opinion of the others. You have consulted them. Moreover, after that, you are compiling up the entire essay related to this. In these types of essays, you really need to use the reported speech vocabulary. For digging deep into this matter you can consider linking up with the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

 If you don’t have any type of particular idea about what is the meaning of the reported speech vocabulary. Then we would like to inform you that it is basically used for referring to third parties. There are a wide range of examples related to this type of vocab section. These are according to, it can be said that, as stated by, as per their opinion, in relation to that source,  in fulfilment of and on the report of. 

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