Planning is very important in every walk of life. Whether you look at a successful businessman, an intellectual professional or a topper, one thing is common between all of them. They don’t move towards their goals haphazardly. Instead, they make an infallible plan and follow it smartly. Remember, a goal without a strategic plan is just a dream. To turn your dreams into reality, you need to work from your fingers to bone. You’ll not find a magic lamp that can grant all your wishes. In reality, you need to work extremely hard to achieve your goals. For candidates preparing for competitive exams, it is crucial to design a rewarding study plan and adhere to it religiously. It can help them crack the competitive exam in a single go. 

There are lakhs of youngsters who appear for different competitive exams every year. Are you amongst them? For which exam are you preparing? If you are going to appear in the bank exam, then you can take help from this article while making a perfect study plan. You can prefer to join a magnificent institute that can provide bank coaching in Jalandhar. A plan can bring discipline while preparing for the exam. Also, there are less chances of procrastinating. So, prepare a suitable study plan with the help of suggestions provided in this article. 

Candidates can make an effective study plan by adhering to the tips and tricks given here:

Make a proper schedule

The first and foremost step while making a foolproof study plan is to make a proper schedule. Make sure your schedule doesn’t only include a task at hand but also activities of daily life. While making a schedule, try to keep following points in mind:

  • Personalized plan: Note that everyone is different. We all have unique skills and qualities. So, it is advisable to not copy others. Instead, make your own plan. 
  • Small but more study sessions: We would suggest you to avoid studying for long hours. Keep your each study session of maximum 2 hours. It can help you focus better. 
  • Give yourself short breaks: Short breaks can help you get relief from fatigue. So, try to take short breaks of at least 15-20 minutes. Also, make sure you do not stretch the time of your short breaks. This way you won’t be able to achieve your daily targets. 
  • Leave some unscheduled time: Try not to plan your day to the core. Leave some time free. It can give flexibility to the plan. If you get stuck somewhere, then you must have some extra time for making adjustments. 

Practice deep work

Deep work is a capability to focus without getting distracted. This skill can help you grasp the toughest concepts quickly. You’ll be able to learn the basics of every concept properly. Therefore, understanding the basics concepts can help you solve tricky questions in the competitive exams. 

To practice deep work, you need to refrain from distractions. There are a number of distractions that you can face while preparing for the exam. At present, every candidate owns a smartphone and is the biggest source of distraction. So, try to keep your phone silent during study hours. 

Isolate yourself

Isolate yourself from people, if you have zeal to crack the competitive exam. It can aid in concentrating and following your study plan staunchly. Also, studying in isolation can help you understand concepts easily. However, you can join group discussions to brush up on your knowledge. If you are attending coaching classes, try not to waste your time in the coaching center after your classes are over. 

Note-making is essential

Note making is imperative while preparing for the exams. It can help you in staying in the game. When you start making notes, you’ll realise you are spending a lot of time making notes. But, in the long run these notes can help you revise important concepts and save a lot of your time. Many studies reveal that note making can help in making understanding concepts faster. Do you know why? Because, writing while learning can help your brain memorize everything easily and quickly. Therefore, it is essential to make notes of every subject while preparing for the exam. 

Solve variety of questions

You need to get your hands on every type of question. Now you’ll ask, how to do that? Simply, by solving mock tests. These are sample papers that contain every type question that is asked in the competitive exam. So, spare some time everyday to solve mock tests. We would recommend you to attempt online mock tests to simulate the experience of actual exams. 

In addition to it, you can choose to solve some previous year question papers. It can help you judge the difficulty level of every exam. Try to practice at least 10 previous year papers to ace every type of question. 

Get enough sleep and follow a healthy lifestyle

Candidates burn midnight oil to prepare for the exam. Some of them eat junk food regularly. Note that sound sleep and nutritious diet can amp up your efficiency to prepare for the exam. So, make sure you are sleeping for ideal hours and eating healthy food. So, include your mealtime and rest time in your schedule. You can include seasonal fruits in your diet. Also, make sure you are drinking enough water to keep yourself active for the whole day. 

Avoid dreading exam failure

Remember, fear has the capability to kill your confidence. Never let fear of failure or self doubt affect your determination to crack the exam. Make changes to your study schedule if needed. But, never give up because of some bouncy situations. Believe in yourself and trust the study plan you are following for preparing for competitive exams. Also, inculcate a positive attitude while preparing for the exam. It can help you navigate through the daunting situations easily. Are you going to appear for the SSC CGL exam? If yes, then boost exam preparation by joining a remarkable institute that can provide SSC coaching.


These are some of the helpful tricks that can help you formulate a desirable study plan for competitive exam preparation. However, you can ask your friends how they are preparing for the exam. You can choose to follow their tricks as well. Just make sure you are following a suitable study plan to prepare for the competitive exams. Be clear in your mind what you want to do and when you want to do. It can help in completing exam syllabus on time. 

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