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Running a business in the fitness industry is always a challenge that can be overwhelming. This is because there are so many variables to consider to achieve the balance that will turn your fitness center into a successful business. Therefore, to help you in this initiative, we present five key tips to start a fitness center and not die trying.

Where to start

When starting a fitness industry business, you should first consider what type of fitness center you will set up. A franchise of a large low-cost chain. An exclusive boutique-style fitness center with individual attention. Or, on the contrary, a meeting place for friends from the neighborhood.

To make the right decision, you should start by studying the current trends in the market and thinking about where the best business opportunity is.

Depending on this choice, you must decide which is the right place for your fitness center. It will be a place in a neighborhood for the area’s inhabitants. An exclusive space within a Spa. Or a location in a Mall or a business center. What kind of inputs do you need, and who can be your suppliers? What staff should you have? How should you train your staff? What can you offer that differentiates you and makes you attractive to customers?

And so, endless things can assault your head to the point of paralyzing you and not letting you start.

Personalized attention is the key to success.

Regardless of the business model you propose with your fitness center, think that the key to success is personalized attention. According to Tomorrow’s experience today from KPMG’s Global Center of Excellence for Clients, client experience is the key to building loyalty in fitness centers.

According to this company, a satisfied customer has achieved thanks to an experience tailored to the user’s needs. Integrity in the treatment of people. Satisfaction of expectations. Prompt resolution of conflicts. Empathy with the client.

For all this, it is necessary to devise a management plan focused on the customer experience. There are many elements to consider, which can sometimes be overwhelming. But don’t feel overwhelmed. There are some key guidelines, which, if you keep them in mind, will help you to be on the path to success in your fitness center.

3 Keys to achieve success in your fitness center

1 – Establish a management business plan

  • After doing the corresponding market research and identifying your potential customers, create your business model. Start by writing what the vision is for your company. What kind of fitness center business plan do you want to create? From this macro objective, establish what you must do to achieve it.

2 – Set achievable goals

  • It is not just about designing a well-structured plan. If not, of its implementation. You must be clear about the indicators that indicate that you are achieving what you want. Depending on variables such as your operating costs and the rate of return for your investment. You must be clear about the turnover flow necessary for your business to be profitable. How many partners do you need, and can you serve optimally? Think about how to attract and keep them.
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3 – Design a proper marketing campaign

  • Create the brand image of your business. You must be consistent with the business model you adopt and bring all the elements together so that the image of your fitness center is not just a logo or a name. And, of course, use social networks. Digital tools are the new word of mouth. Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any network your audience uses. If you are not proficient in social networks, hire specialized personnel to manage your accounts and integrate the promotion with customer acquisition and loyalty programs.

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