In India, most of the youngsters start preparing for competitive exams during their graduation. Do you know why they start preparing for the exam so early? The first reason is that competitive exams have humongous exam syllabus and it requires good time to complete it. Secondly, they want to spare enough time at the end to revise the exam syllabus. However, there are some youngsters who make up their mind to appear for competitive exams after completing their graduation. They get limited time to prepare for the competitive exams. It is highly important to use some shrewd preparation techniques to ace competitive exams in less time. To help candidates of competitive exams, we have penned down some fruit bearing tips in this article. If you are preparing for upcoming competitive exams, follow these tips. It can increase your chances of cracking the exam in a single go. 

So, have you started preparing for a competitive exam? If yes, then for which exam are you preparing? Is it a bank exam? You can effectively prepare for a bank exam in 3-4 months without burning midnight oil. Do you know how? By studying for the exam under guidance of an ideal institute that can offer bank coaching in Jalandhar. Make sure you are using some smart ways to prepare for the exam. Your diligence and commitment can help you crack the exam. So, start preparing for the exam by following the suggestions given in this article. 

Follow these magical tips to study effectively for competitive exams in less time:

Organize your study area

First, you need to declutter your study area. If your study room is messy, you will not feel the urge to study. So, make sure your study room is neat and tidy. Also, it is advisable to study on a table and chair rather than on bed. Try to place a comfortable table and chair in your study room. To keep yourself motivated, you can post some motivational quotes on the wall before you. Moreover, make sure your notes and books are not scattered anywhere. 

Annihilate distractions

If you actually want to prepare for the exam in a limited time, you can’t afford to waste your time in distractions. So, try to keep yourself away from distractions. Smartphones basically distract candidates the most. It is advisable to keep smartphones and digital devices away from your study area. Also, choose a study spot where you can feel least disturbed. If you think you’ll not get a favourable study spot at home, you can also study at the library. 

Limit the use of social media

Social media is the biggest distraction for candidates preparing for competitive exams. Therefore, it is better to mute the notifications of social media apps on your phone. Also, you can choose to delete social media apps from your phone. Note that you will have ample time to use social media after clearing the exam. So, it is advisable to shun the idea of using social media during the preparation phase. 

Set your study times

You need to make a suitable timetable for exam preparation. First of all, make a list of subjects that you need to cover. There are many competitive exams in which you need to qualify the sectional cut-off. Make sure you are giving equal importance to every subject of the exam. Moreover, never try to study for long hours at stretch. Give yourself short breaks. Taking short breaks after regular intervals can rejuvenate your mind and help you focus better. 

Furthermore, it is advisable to study at those hours of the day when you feel most productive. Some people feel productive during the early morning hours and some work best during the late night hours. So, know your type and choose to study during those hours when you can give your best. 

Study while you are commuting 

Are you preparing for the exam with the help of a coaching institute? If yes, then while commuting to your coaching center you can listen to audiobooks or read your notes. Also, you can utilize your travel time by revising some old concepts. This is how you can make most of your travel time. For sure, it can help you complete the exam syllabus on time. 

Adhere to your routine

Make sure you are following your timetable religiously. It can help you complete the exam syllabus on time. Also, you will get adequate time for revision as well. If you want to cover every aspect of the exam in a limited time, it is essential to follow your routine. When you are able to complete your daily targets, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and saves you from fear and stress of the exam. You need to be punctual and disciplined while preparing for the competitive exams. 

Never sacrifice your sleep

Even if you have limited time to prepare for the exam, it is not a wise decision to sacrifice your sleep in the haste to prepare perfectly for the exam. So, relish at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. It can boost the power of the brain, helping you to retain and understand more information.  Note that a sleep deprived mind can never understand concepts. Also, you will feel tired for a whole day if your mind is not relaxed. So, make sure you have slept for ideal hours before you start studying for the exam. 

Ingrain a positive mental attitude

While preparing for the exam, you are going to meet several naysayers who will demotivate you. Simply, pay no heed to them! Believe in yourself and know why you are preparing for the exam. Here are some easy ways through which you can elevate your mood and feel positive:

  • Read some motivational books. 
  • Listen to some inspirational podcasts.
  • Surround yourself with happy people
  • Practice mindfulness every day.
  • Watch motivational movies/webseries. 

Staying positive does not imply that you’ll start overestimating your abilities. Note that confidence can help you crack the exam, but overconfidence can drag you to failures. So, know your abilities, work hard and move towards your goals. An optimistic attitude can help you channel through tough exams like SSC CGL, banking exams, SBI PO, IBPS Clerk etc. 


These are some of the rewarding tips that can help candidates prepare for the competitive exams in less time. So, start your exam preparation with a positive mindset. 

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