Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

Buying an oximeter is a very important step if you are interested in keeping a close eye on your health. A good oximeter will not only let you know if you are suffering from an oxygen deficiency but will also give you valuable insight into how well you are doing. Whether you are looking for a new oximeter or need an update, you should take the time to compare the different models available. Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

Beurer PO30 Germany Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

pulse oximeter in your pocket is a big step forward in the fight against chronic disease. With the Beurer PO30, you will get the best of both worlds: accurate readings of your blood oxygen level and heart rate. The monitor is easy to use and comes with batteries.

The Beurer PO30 boasts several nifty features, including an adjustable digital display and a heart rate monitor. You also get a digital countdown timer, a low battery indicator and an automatic shut-off. The best part is that it all weighs just two ounces. So, it makes it the perfect portable meter for sports enthusiasts. So, with such a wide array of features, the Beurer PO30 is a great buy for anyone. Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

Certeza Oximeter

CERTEZA Medical is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical equipment. They offer a range of products, including digital fever thermometers, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, nebulizers and more. So, they are also known for their quality and commitment to providing the best healthcare products.

The CERTEZA -Pulse OXIMETER is a clinical gadget that can detect oxygen levels in your blood. This device is small and lightweight and can be attached to your fingertip. Can obtain the result in a matter of minutes. So, it is Fda approved and has anti-shaking features that make it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Depending on the temperature of the skin, the reading may vary. Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

Schiller Portable Pulse Oximeter

Using a Handheld Pulse Oximeter is vital to the health of patients and the medical professionals who operate in clinics and hospitals. The Schiller Portable Pulse Oximeter is a reliable and portable device that helps monitor blood oxygen saturation. It also provides information on heart rate and respiratory rate.

The Schiller Portable Pulse Oximeter uses two 3.7 V lithium-ion batteries that have a total of 2000 mAh. These are rechargeable and can be charged through the charger port. This pulse oximeter has a 1.8-inch screen that is 124 x 64 pixels. So, the device has a single-button operation. You can use it for neonate, pediatric and adult patient applications.

It has a medical-grade silicone finger chamber that prevents microbial reactions. The low-cost portable pulse oximeter is made with increased durability and is available in multiple power supply options.

Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

Yonker YK 88

Despite its diminutive size, the Yonker YK-88 is a powerful little machine. It can display a plethysmographic wave and a heart rate signal. Its small size also means that it is easy to carry and use. It can be used by adults and children alike. It’s a good fit for anyone who wants an accurate measurement of oxygen carried by the blood. Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

A pair of AAA alkaline batteries power the YK-88 oximeter. It is not the most sophisticated piece of kit on the market, but it’s good enough for several purposes. It also boasts several other features, such as a battery capability indicator, a power indicator, and a surprisingly good-quality LCD screen.

Heartbeat oximeter

pulse oximeter is a great way to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. So, these devices are highly useful for people who participate in high-altitude sports and exercise and are at risk for respiratory diseases. You can buy these devices from medical stores, electronic stores, or online. The price of a heartbeat oximeter depends on the features included in the device.

Some more advanced heartbeat oximeters display additional information, such as perfusion file esteem and heartbeat waveform. So, these devices are also more pleasant to look at. The most basic heartbeat oximeter only shows your pulse and oxygen level in your blood. Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan

Fingertip pulse oximeters are also available. These devices are designed for easy use. They can be worn on the finger and are inexpensive. This device is widely used in oxygen bars, hospitals, and community medical centers. It is a simple and reliable way to check your vitals.

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