Role Of Smart Device To Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, smart devices are essential to keep our cities functions and communicate with the urban areas. 

Smart devices like CCTV cameras, Drones, Online Payments, and Robots help us do online shopping and get the things we need in our daily lives. Besides, Internet of Things technology allows business owners to control their business remotely. 

In this best technology blog, we discuss innovative technology’s role in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep reading.

6 Recommended Smart Devices to Reduce Coronavirus Spread

Continue reading this technology blog and understand the top smart devices you can use to prevent coronavirus spread. 

Robot & Sensors:

Under the COVID-19 thread, robots are widely used in hospitals. Hospital facilities rely upon robots to open drawers, pick up items, and even open & close doors automatically while disinfecting rooms. 

Besides robots, hospitals can also opt for smart sensors. These sensors enable real-time notification and allow a team to notify emergencies through push-button technology. 

Robots-for instance, Germ-Zapping robots that come with UV lights can be used to clean the hospital. You can also use Germ-Zapping robots in grocery stores, train stations, and shopping malls to automatically clean the place. 

CCTV Cameras:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, monitoring of public movements & their facial recognition can be done through CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras come with AI software that can scan a human face and create a profile for individuals in front of the camera. And then compare the human’s face in the surveillance list. Besides, we can also utilize CCTV cameras to keep a track record of the infected person. 

Satellite Monitoring:

To fight against the coronavirus with medical instruments, biotechnology, and medicine, govt also used satellites. Satellites provide crucial information, including social distancing policies. Besides, utilizing satellites gives information about the city’s industrial areas, shopping locations, highways, and many others.  Also, emergencies like medical facilities, quarantine services can be scrutinized through satellite monitoring. 


Under the COVID-19 threat, Govt uses drones to Sanitize Hospitals, Tall Buildings, and Public Places. To operate a Drone is less expensive. Also, it’s faster & safer than the manual method of Sanitization. Many countries, including Indonesia, China, the Philippines, and India already used drones to disinfect many places. 

Corona virus Detection & Testing :

Through innovative technology, healthcare systems are fighting against coronavirus to maintain core & critical clinical services. For instance, healthcare services rely upon virtual clinics as telemedicine consultations. Besides, the AI-based Chabot helps doctors to detect the early symptoms of patients. Deep learning systems, big-data analytics, and block chain technology are highly used to detect COVID-19 signs at the early stages. Besides, by implementing these three advanced techniques the healthcare industry becomes more popular and effective. 

Autonomous Vehicles:

 In the current scenario, autonomous vehicles like Self Driving Cars, Robotic Cars,  Driverless Cars are used to deliver essential goods- for instance, medicines and food items to hospitals and quarantine patients. These autonomous vehicles are based on the principle of self-start up and protect hospital staff from the risk of coronavirus infection. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this best technology blog helps you to grab all the technology news related to advanced devices. Here, we also explained the top 6 smart devices that can reduce the chances of coronavirus spread. 

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