There are two main things that can make your exam preparation miserable- the first is anxiety of approaching exams and the pressure to cover a gigantic exam syllabus in an ever dwindling period of time. There will be some days when it will be easy to learn and retain concepts. But, there will be some days when you can feel tired and can’t focus while studying. So, what to do at that time? It is essential to regain focus and prepare for the exam with arduous efforts. In this article, we have jotted down some quirky study tips. Follow these tips to boost concentration and study perfectly for the upcoming competitive exams. 

Most commonly the graduates of India appear for SSC, bank, defence and railway exams. Are you preparing for the upcoming bank exams? If yes, then study for the exam with a positive attitude. Your positive attitude can help you prepare for the exam easily. In case it is hard for you to study for the exam on your own, then enrol yourself in a coaching institute. It is advisable to connect with a brilliant institute that can provide bank coaching in Jalandhar. Also, never question your abilities while preparing for the exam. Believe in yourself and never let anything drain your energy. However, there will be sometimes when it can become hard for you to focus. To help you on it, we have given some tips and tricks in this article to maintain focus while preparing for the exam. 

Here are some of the sharp tips that can help you feel motivated and focus properly while preparing for the competitive exams:

Understand your study style

We all know what can make it easy for us to learn and retain concepts. So, try to make your learning experience easy and interesting. It is advisable to choose a study spot where you can concentrate easily. If you are not able to find an appropriate study spot at your home, you can prefer to study in a library. There are high chances you won’t feel distracted at a library. Instead, you’ll be pushed to study harder by seeing everyone reading and learning around you. 

Write about the things that disturb you

It’s normal to have negative thoughts while preparing for the exam. But, make sure you are getting rid of these thoughts. So, how can you kill your negative thoughts? Simply write about your negative thoughts on a piece of paper and tear it. For sure, it can aid in relieving you from anxiety and stress. 

Set yourself some questions

You may lose concentration while studying for long hours. Theoretical subjects have long swaths of texts. So, you can break the text into chunks and ask at least 5 questions from it. Afterwards, write answers for the questions in your own words. Make sure you are using hard vocabulary while writing the answers. The whole process may take time, but it can help you retain concepts for a long period of time. Additionally, you can write those questions on the flash card and utilize them during revision time. This technique can make your exam preparation very interesting and easy. 

Teach each other

You can study excellently by sitting alone. But, studying alone can be boring. So, try to study in groups. You can choose to study in a group of 3-4 people. Also, you can assign each other some topics to teach others. It can help you understand the concepts in a better way. Moreover, you will feel more engaged in the exam preparation. Make sure you are studying with people who are as passionate and diligent as you. It is advisable to stop forming groups with people who are lazy and careless. 

Focus on the task at hand

Many people assume that multitasking is a trait of a productive person. Do you have the same thinking? If yes, then let us tell you to stop believing this thing. Try to focus on one activity at a time. Many researches reveal that our brain is designed to concentrate on a single task at a time. This way you can easily give your 100% to a particular task. So, make sure you are doing one task at a time. Are you one of those candidates who listens to music while studying? If yes, then shun this habit. Make sure you are not giving attention to anything else during your study hours. 

Give yourself a pep talk

This may sound silly but saying positive things to yourself by seeing yourself in the mirror can work wonders. So, when you start feeling anxious and depressed give yourself a pep talk. Say to yourself, ‘I can always do it’, ‘It’s easy to achieve my targets’. For sure, it can enhance your mood and help you study better. However, never let this pep talk make you overconfident. So, make sure you are putting sincere efforts while preparing for the exam. 

Give yourself rewards

It is highly important to follow a timetable while preparing for the competitive exams. Each time you finish your targets, reward yourself. For example: You can go outside and buy yourself a doughnut. It’s really disheartening to work hard on something and never get acknowledged. So, reward yourself with a tasty dinner or go on a trip. Also, you can choose to go for a movie on weekends. Rewarding yourself can always motivate you to do hard work. Remember, you should reward yourself after completing the targets not before that. 

Stick to your schedule

Normally, every candidate makes a timetable before starting their exam preparation. But, not everyone sticks to it. If you want to clear the competitive exams, it is mandatory to follow a timetable. It can help you complete the exam syllabus on time. When you complete the exam syllabus on time, you’ll be left with ample time for revision and practicing questions. Therefore, adhering to a timetable is as important as making it. It is advisable to not study continuously for long hours. Give yourself some short breaks after sometime. It can aid in rejuvenating your mind and focus better. 

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These are some of the excellent ways through which you can motivate yourself to study for the exam properly. Following these tips can ensure your success in the upcoming competitive exams. 

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