Use of Smart Device Over Industrial Automation

In today’s era, the uses of smart devices are everywhere, including in Business and Industry.  Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets support the development of past web-based standard gadgets like PCs, workstations, cell phones, and so forth. 

These smart devices are compatible with high definition technology that allow them to interact with others over the internet. And it helps the industry a lot. 

We will explore how smart devices can change the industrial automation direction in this industrial automation blog

Top Smart Devices your can use for Industrial Automation

In 2020, due to coronavirus, we all had to stay at our homes or continue work from home—still,  many of us, whether an employee or entrepreneur, continue our work-from-home option. Or go to the office without taking safety precautions.  Are you one of those? Keep reading this automation blog to become aware of the top smart devices to use in the industry that will also help you maintain a safe distance from others. 

Air Quality Monitor:

A trustworthy IOT device helps us measure indoor pollution and increase the air quality in home, office & indoor public areas. With Footbot Air Quality Monitor you will get the correct outcomes. 

Features :

  • Can quickly install the Footbot Air Quality Monitor device.
  • This IOT device can clean the air pollution.
  • Add years to the lifecycle of the user.
  • By providing fresh air, it helps you to focus on your work.

Smoke Alarm:

Another effective IOT device you can add to your industry. This type of alarm can speak, think, and alert your smartphone about your emergency need in your house. 

Features :

  • According to the situation, it blinks in different colors. For instance, red, green, and yellow. 
  • Without any external device, you can monitor Nest Smoke Alarm via your smartphone. 
  • Set up procedure is straightforward, and you can install this IOT device via your Android or Smart device. 
  • Stylish and Slim. 

Air Pollution Monitor:

It’s an excellent discovery on the Internet of Things market. Flow by Plume Labs is an air quality tracker. With it, entrepreneurs will get an idea about where the air quality is good and vice versa. However, you need to download its application to see the result in its app map. 

Features :

  • Simple installation procedure & good user guide.
  • It informs users about the air quality and comes with a vegan leather strap.
  • Flow by Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor contains quality RGB LEDs.
  • It has a stainless iron body.
  •  Capacitive touch feature. 

IoT Security Solution:

Another unique IoT device. IoT security solution protects multiple internet-connected devices from spying, malware, identity threat, stolen passwords, etc. 

Features :

  • A device like Bitdefender Box IoT Security Solution uses advanced technology. 
  • Offers Double-Clad Home Network Security to the employees and entrepreneurs. 
  •  It gives a unique and advanced parental control feature. 
  •  A high-performance ratio feature. 

Temperature Control:

With the Temperature Control advanced IoT device, you can control your home’s heating & cooling environment or office. As per your activities, this smart device can automatically adjust the temperature. 

Features :

  • Compatible with many smart devices.
  • Can easily communicate with Amazon Alexa for voice control.
  • By automatically adjusting the room temperature, this IoT device saves your precious time and thousands of money.

Insight Smart Plug:

The smart plug is another Internet of Things device that allows us to turn on/off lights, appliances remotely from anywhere across the globe. 

Features : 

  • Compatible with Google Voice or Amazon Alexa for automatic voice control.
  • Smart Plugs can generate schedules, rules & help us to receive a notification.
  • Can suitable for both Android and iOS devices. 

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote:

 It’s a remote that allows you to control your machines, home appliances, and other smart devices automatically from one specific location. 

Features :

  • Logitech Harmony Universal Remote comes with one-click activity buttons.
  • You can simultaneously connect eight remotes. 
  • This smart device supports more than 5500 brands, and experts believe that it will support new brands in the future. 
  • Easy online setup.

Particle Photon Wi-Fi with Headers:

In order to develop a connection project, the industry generally uses this IoT board. Due to its plugin, the Particle Photon Wi-Fi board makes prototyping simple. 

Features :

  • Particle Photon Wi-Fi comes with a pre-soldered header.
  • This Internet of Things device has an excellent design.
  • As the name suggests, this smartboard comes with a Wi-Fi module & RGB LED.
  • It has a real-time operating system. 


 In this industrial automation blog, we will discuss the top-recommended smart devices you can use for your industry. We also suggest you start utilizing these best IoT devices and operate your Industrial automation securely. 

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