The research approach is the strategy that is used to take your research work one step ahead. It includes step by step detail of the method. The research approach tells you that what type of data collection is suitable for the research. Also, it helps you to analyse the data in the best suitable way. Data collection and analysis are linked with each other. Once you decide that what will be the research problem then you have to address the problem in your research.

It is a research approach through which you address the research problem. The major purpose of the research approach is to expand the track of knowledge and amazing ideas in the field of science. It helps in the expansion of scientific theories and opinions.

The two main approaches of research are termed a qualitative research approach and quantitative research approach. Now it is dependent on the research type that what approach is to select. If you find it difficult to select one research approach out of them then use key decisions. The key decision is related to the research approach. The first key decision is to see that what is the best suitable strategy to collect data for your research?

Based on the data collection method you can decide research approach. Here data collection is directly linked with the problem statement of the research. It is your problem that tells you how to collect data. You do not select the data collection method randomly. But you make it suitable with the problem statement. You can collect data by yourself or you can also use existing data.

In the same way, you have to make sure that what type of analysis is to be done on your data? It is the second key decision that helps you to finalize the research approach. In the qualitative research approach, you have to go for thematic analysis. While in the quantitative research approach, you prefer to do relate variables.

Qualitative Research Approach

The qualitative Research Approach includes the popper reasoning. In this, you have to explain all ‘what’ and ‘why’ terms. In this way, you get the logical reasoning of whatever is happening. For example, you are using a qualitative research approach in research or psychology. Here you have to see if men visit a particular store or women. When you are using a qualitative research approach you have to see the reason for visiting also. For example, you collect data of visitors to a particular store.

You see only men visit the particular store. The purpose does not end here. Now you have to find the reason that why women are not visiting the store. You can do that by observation or by conducting interviews. You may find that the store does not have any female products or anything else. In the qualitative research approach, the collection of data is possible in different ways. These methods are mentioned below,

Person-to-Person Interview

According to a dissertation help firm, it is the best way to have the most accurate information. Here you have to ask questions to every single person. And it helps you to get in-depth information. Also, respondents can feel free to answer. For this, you have to train yourself first. Without having experience in conducting an interview you cannot have good data. Otherwise, you would not get the required data. Also, it will cause wastage of time.

The person-to-person interview can conduct at any place or on a phone call. See whatever is more suitable, just go for that. But face to face is more advantageous. Because you can judge the next person by his body language.

Focus Group

Here you have to target people in the form of a group. You can save time in the group interview. Online survey techniques can also be used for it. This approach is best suited for the new market research.

Existing Data

You can use the data of another researcher because it matches your requirement. For this, you have to go through treated books and material. You can also go through any case study and expand its scope.


If you are an expert researcher you can go for the observational method. And use that observation in the form of data for your research. After the collection of data, it’s time to analyse data. For the analysis of qualitative data, you make notes by arranging the data. And then the thematic approach is used to analyse it.

Quantitative Research Approach

The quantitative research approach is more about mathematical expression. Here you collect data in the form of numeric and analyse it in the same way. The main purpose of using the quantitative research approach is to develop the relationship between different variables. the quantitative research approach is further categorised into two forms. the first one is descriptive and the second one is experimental.

Before data collection you have t decide if you need descriptive or experimental design in the study. For the quantitative research approach, the sample size is always large that shows the precision of the data. There are different methods to collect data for the quantitative research approach.


Using a questionnaire in research is termed primary data collection. A questionnaire facilitates the researcher in such a way that you can collect data physically as well as online. In the questionnaire, you ask questions and collect data in the form of numeric. It is easy to analyse numeric data.


The survey is another form of a questionnaire that is used for data collection. Here you have to target a specific group of people and gather information. You ask multiple questions to the people and note down their responses in the form of data.

Existing Data

The researcher can use existing quantitative data for his research. This method saves you time, effort and money. It is the secondary data collection. After data collection, you have to use statistical relationships to handle the numeric data and get results out of that.


In short your research topic, problem statement, data collection and analysis of data all are linked. You cannot choose a research approach randomly. But you have to use see which one is best suitable for your research. The characteristics of both research approaches are mentioned above. Now you have to match your requirements and then select the approach.

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