Privacy Policy

Privacy is the most crucial factor when it comes to bloggers and smart devices-related information on a blogging website. At Vsmartdevice, we ensure to cover every possible aspect that might be a headache for a blogger.

We Respect Your Privacy

With Vsmartdevice, you don’t have to worry about private information. Whenever a visitor visits our website, we never collect personal information unless he/she decides to work with us or use the website server.

Our Privacy Policies Covers the following Aspects:

As mentioned earlier, we collect your secret information only when you want to access our website as well as when you are using our website’s server. Keep in mind that our policy is not similar to other website’s policies that cover contents on the below topics :

  • Smart Device
  • Business
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Technology Blog
  • Technology News

Vsmartdevice Strictly follows the Age Restriction Policy…

There might be some articles that are adult in nature. Hence, we accept your request for submission only when your age is 14 years or above.

Types of Information We Collect from our Bloggers :

Vsmartdevice never asks to submit information that you don’t want to share. We always want the information that you will gladly share with us- for example, your name, a valid email address, your location, and so on.  Besides, when you register yourself as a blogger or text user of our website, we give aggregate information about this amazing website. For example, how long visitors stay on every page, which pages are frequently visited, how many visitors visit the website on a daily basis.

Cookies Related to Privacy Policy

We use tracking pixels, cookies, and similar technologies. Do you know what cookies are? Well, cookies are basically small files, and we served cookies through our system. To protect your secret information, we will store cookies on your device. We also use Cookies to avoid unnecessary third-part hassles. Besides, use Cookies to target the potential audience.

What does Vsmartdevice do with your Personal Information?

Whenever we upgrade our website or add new features related to smart devices, we utilize your personal information in order to inform you about the update. For instance, if we added more guidelines for our content, we will send them to you via the email address you have already provided us.

 When and Whom we share your Data?

We only uncover your secret information when we are confident and have valid information that you are doing some illegal activities. In these circumstances, in order to protect the authentication of Vsmartdevice, we have to take legal action against you. Otherwise, we never uncover your data.

We give Notice before Updating or Changing Policy…

Many writers asked us whether we inform bloggers before updating or changing the privacy policy or not? The answer is Yes. As we said earlier, whenever you listed yourself as our blogger, we collect your personal information, including your email address and phone number. Hence, whenever we change our website pattern, we inform you through your email address and phone number within an hour.