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Author’s Terms & Conditions

  • Whenever you submit a blog, it means that you have written the content.
  • Vsmartdevice reserves the right whether to publish your article or not. We never give assurance to our writers that we will publish every content. Remember that you must have to write content related to smart devices. After that, our editorial team will review your articles and publish them accordingly. If our editorial team finds you put wrong information or there’s a quality issue, unfortunately, they will reject your content.
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  • If we find your content is plagiarized, we will reject your blog without explanation. We use paid tools to check plagiarism. Hence before submitting content check thoroughly, whether you are going to submit a copied content or not.
  • You can freely submit your blog on our website. We never take charges from our bloggers and give total credit to them.
  • We have the right to use advertisements on the webpage your content gets published.

Publisher’s Terms & Conditions

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Disclaimer :

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These are our terms and conditions. So, if you are comfortable with these terms and conditions, we will gladly accept you as our writer.